Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progress Continues

Contacts are being made in the right places. We are in talks to officially become an association organization. Cleanup ideas are being brainstormed. Awareness ideas are being designed. Every small step takes the overall process one step closer to completion.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preservation Effort Progresses

Interest in the cemetery seems to have been renewed. More members of the Flandreau line of descendants are coming forward with a desire to make a difference. Members of the community either for ecological reasons or for historical reasons are coming forward with a desire to make a difference. This combined energy has helped us to continue making progress.

In the past the community expressed that there should be a certain feel to the restoration process that is in keeping with the neighborhood. To this frame of mind a new sign was put in place to label the cemetery. No longer will the space be a forgotten and neglected plot of land. A terrific sign was located. It is a weather proof faux rock that fits in rather nicely to the landscape with a clear label of "Flandreau Cemetery".

Mr. Teddy Flandreau (descendant) and his son came a few afternoons and cleared the land of most of the brush that had abliterated the landscape. Trees that are in need of assistance or removal were tagged. Some are in peril of falling. Others are in need of some assistance.

Additionally, yet another Flandreau descendant has come forward and begun the work of clearing the weeds.

A cemetery neighbor is researching ecologically sound practices for preservation effort.

A cemetery is not built in a day. A cemetery is not built alone. But a cemetery can be rebuilt by the community overtime.

Have you driven past the cemetery lately? We would love to hear your thoughts?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cleanup is Beginning

A cemetery neighbor, took the time to clear the cemetery some over the years. But the magic of nature has taken over once again. It certainly is better than a few years ago before her efforts. But there is still much to be done. A cleanup effort is beginning. As you can see from this later photo that things are progressing. A descendant of the Flandreau Family will be leading a cleanup effort this Spring. This blog will serve as an archive for the aforementioned progress of the Flandreau Cemetery Preservation.

Flandreau Cemetery

This blog will serve as a place to log all the trials and tribulations while attempting to preserve/conserve a small piece of New Rochelle history. There is a long forgotten cemetery on the town lines between New Rochelle and Larchmont in Westchester, NY. The property technically falls in New Rochelle. The city, descendants of the Flandreau family, local residents, and others are working together to begin the restoration.

(Photo shows the state of disrepair when the project started)

History of the cemetery:
Benjamin Flandreau (1718-1800) owned a large portion of New Rochelle in the 1700s. He created a family cemetery on his property which would become known as "The Old Flandreau Cemetery". In 1800 he became the first burial interred there. In previous years, photographs have been taken of headstones in the cemetery that date back to 1800. The last known burial here took place in 1892. Records compiled by the Daughters of the American Revolution show that at least at one point in time there some 25 headstones. There may exist more or less between ground sinking and vandalism.

We started with a website: to chart the progress of the preservation. But we have decided to move to a blogging format to provide for a forum for people to share their thoughts. This is not just my project. This is a group effort of like minded individuals. So please feel free to join the discussion, but let's speak/type respectfully.